National Parks


The Network and Visitor Facilities A brief description of Sarawak's conservation efforts and the facilities available to park visitors.
Bako, Sarawak's oldest national park, offers the perfect introduction to the Borneo rainforest and its wildlife, and is also home to the rare Proboscis Monkey.
Gunung Gading offers mountain treks, waterfalls and rare plant life, including the world's largest flower, the Rafflesia.
Gunung Mulu is famous for its limestone caves - the world's largest natural cave chamber, the world's largest cave passage and the longest cave in SE Asia are all found in the park. Other attractions include the limestone pinnacles, adventure caving, jungle trekking, wildlife, river journeys and the Headhunters Trail.
Kubah, with its waterfalls, crystal clear rivers and rare plant life, is only 20 km from Kuching and a popular day trip destination.
Lambir Hills is possibly the most species-rich forest in the world and also features a series of waterfalls and bathing pools.
Similajau, with its tropical rainforest and beautiful golden sand beaches is a perfect place for bird watching, trekking, coastal cruises and wildlife encounters.