The terrain of Kubah National Park is composed largely of sandstone,siltstone and shale. The sandstone plateau that forms the bulkof the park includes three mountains, Gunung Serapi, Gunung Selangand Gunung Sendok, all of which can be seen from Kuching on aclear day. Kubah covers a relatively small area (2230 hectares)but has a number of special features. A particularly rich selectionof rare ferns and orchids are found here, one of the main reasonswhy Kubah was gazetted as a national park in 1989.

The park also contains a series of waterfalls and a network ofclear jungle streams which are ideal for bathing in after a junglewalk. Kubah's forest is mostly dipterocarp, interspersed withpatches of scrub forest and unusually rich areas of kerangas.A variety of wildlife is found within the park's boundaries includingbearded pigs, black hornbills, squirrels, mouse-deer and manyspecies of reptiles and amphibians.

Kubah National Park is located 20 km from Kuching, making it highlyaccessible for both independent travellers and tour groups. Althoughaccommodation facilities are available, most visitors are day-trippers.