Although Similajau National Park was gazetted in 1978, it wasonly opened to visitors in 1995. The park is situated 20 km north-eastof the town of Bintulu and covers an area of 7067 hectares. Similajau'smain attractions are the geological features of its coast, itslong sandy beaches and its tropical rainforest. The park offersmany activities, the most popular of which are jungle trekkingon well-marked trails, river and coastal cruises and bird-watching.

Wide open spaces provide bird-watchers with excellent opportunitiesto see some of the 185 species that have been recorded in thepark. Hornbills and sea eagles are commonly sighted. 24 speciesof mammals are found in the park. Most of these remain hiddenin the rainforest but wild boars and macaque monkeys are oftenseen strolling along the beaches. The park is also home to theestuarine crocodile, and green turtles sometimes come ashore tolay their eggs.